June 28, 2012

by belovan

I’ve started going out again without my husband.  Taking my grand daughter to the movies for the first time in my wheelchair was an adventure and I found it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be before I left.  We went to a place I had not been in a while so I wasn’t sure what kind of access I would have with the chair.  I had a little trouble getting up the ramp area to the theaters but my sister and grand daughter had no problem pushing me the short distance up the ramp.  

I’m lucky because I can walk some, just not very far.  I can’t stand in long lines,  I can’t walk great distances so I have to take the chair now for anything where that might happen.  When there is a problem I can’t get around I can stand and “walk” my chair like a walker.  I get some strange looks when I get up and walk sometimes if they haven’t seen me walking yet.  I guess they wonder why I need a chair if I can walk.  I wish I could get a shirt that said, I can’t walk far so I ride!  LOL

I wish I could watch the new show push girls.  They aren’t like me in many ways but at least they show people that those of us that use chairs are just people.  Living our lives on wheels.

My biggest worry right now is my right shoulder.  I fell about a month ago and it still hurts.  It makes it hard sometimes to wheel myself.  I use my legs a lot to move short distances and then pick them up and roll with my arms pushing for farther away locations.  But the ramps are hard for me.  I just can’t do it.

My grandson came to visit for almost a week.  I had fun taking him fishing with my husband, son and two of my grand daughters.  Then I took two grand kids to the movies ALONE.  Just me and the kids :-).  We did great!  They were very helpful and patient with my needs.  Then I took them to the store and out to eat.  I’m amazed at how freeing this has been.  I was staying home because I didn’t want to deal with the chair.  The new attitude has really helped me enjoy more of life again.

I’m looking forward to finding more things to do, I don’t have to sit home alone!