The unexpected…

by belovan

It’s been one of those weeks that makes you very thankful for what you have.  A family friend I have known since childhood (I’m 50) was in a very bad accident.  He is in a coma.  We are praying for a miracle while bracing for what looks to be the loss of our loved one.  This alone would be enough to shake anyone.

Four days later someone else close … a grandmother was in an accident with her three grand children and one of their friends. The children were air lifted to the hospital.  We are thankful they are all alive.  Injuries are bad but with time they will all heal.  It could have been so much worse … as our other friend fights for his life we know this all to well.

After hearing all of this … I woke up this morning to hear about the shooting in Colorado.  People went to a movie … and died or were injured.  How can a  person not take a moment to be thankful for all they have.  Right now.  Today.

I know there are things in my life I would like to change.  But honestly as I sit here thinking about life I have it so much better then many.  I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, clothes on my back and a family that loves me.

Recently, my family hasn’t been getting together as often as we use to.  We haven’t had a family barbecue in a very long time.  Maybe it is time to gather together and just be with each other.  To enjoy the blessings life has given us and to remember that love.

Hug the people around you.  Be thankful for the time you have together so that when the time comes … you can look back and smile.

Thank you Papa for giving me that gift.  I can look back, remember being very loved, and smile.